Fly Fishing in Alaska

We will provide you with the fly fishing experience you deserve!

We built the Newhalen Lodge in the heart of the Alaska’s finest fly-fishing country because we are serious about fly-fishing. Our Rainbow fishing is catch and release only.  After being flown in, our floats vary from one of the area’s best trout producing streams to locales that allow fishermen the opportunity to catch 15-20 Rainbows in the mid to upper 20-inch range.

Without exception, Newhalen Lodge is the unquestioned leader in trophy Rainbow fishing in Alaska.  Our experienced guides know the local river systems like the back of their hands.  The guide’s knowledge of what tackle and rods to use is exceptional.

All months produce unlimited Rainbow fishing and challenges to the experienced angler allowing you flexibility in planning your trip.  There are other fly-fishing opportunities throughout the season including Grayling, Arctic Char, Lake Trout, and Salmon.

With our well-maintained fleet of aircraft we can transport all of our fishermen to where the fish are in one trip, a unique advantage to our lodge’s clients.

During your stay, you will be assisted by some of the finest licensed guides in Alaska.  They know fishing and take great pride and pleasure in providing you with the chance to experience the world’s best fly-fishing in magnificent surroundings.



The Best Salmon Fishing

Trophy sized salmon

Along with world class Rainbow trout fishing, you will also have the opportunity to fish the largest salmon runs in the world.  Whether you want to hook a trophy King or fight some Silvers or Reds (Sockeyes), we’ve got you covered.

Anglers from across the globe have called our salmon fishing the best they have experienced. With several of the finest rivers in Alaska, we will get you hooked into a fight with a salmon you won’t forget.

All five species of salmon are abundant in the waters fished by Newhalen Lodge guests.  King and Sockeye run from June through August with Pinks, Chums and Silvers running from mid-July through the end of our season.

You will be assisted by some of the finest, licensed guides and pilots in Alaska.  They know the fishing and take great pride and pleasure in teaching you the skills in order to master it.  They will help you enjoy the fishing and appreciate the magnificent surroundings.  When your trip concludes, you will have made some new friends.