Wildlife Viewing

See some of the wildlife

After a few days of fishing you may wish to take in the beautiful surrounding of the Bristol Bay area with some serene wildlife viewing. In this distinct region of Alaska you can find a plethora of Alaska wildlife.

Our expert pilots and guides will take you to some remote areas where you may get the chance to see some of the world famous Alaskan big game animals. In some locations you may end up seeing several miles of caribou or up to twenty bears all in one location.

Some of the animals you may see are: Moose, Sea Otter, Grizzly, Brown, and Black Bear, Seals, Walrus, Beaver, Wolverine, Freshwater Seals (1 of only 2 populations in the world,) Porcupine, River Otter, Beluga and Killer Whales (Orca,) Fox, Caribou, Wolves, Bald Eagles, Waterfowl & Migratory Birds.