The Lodge

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Newhalen Lodge is located approximately 185 miles southwest of Anchorage in one of Alaska’s most scenic regions.  It is situated on Six-Mile Lake in Nondalton between Lake Iliamna and Lake Clark.  This incredible region is recognized as, perhaps, the finest fishing area in North America and is famous for its trophy Rainbow trout as well as the largest Sockeye salmon run in the world.

The main area of the lodge focuses on the spectacular view of Six-Mile Lake and Roadhouse Mountain.  It has a spacious seating area where guests may enjoy a completely stocked complimentary bar and nightly hors d’oeuvres.  Satellite television, wireless internet, phone/fax services and a community computer are available.

Some of the best meals in North America are served at our lodge.  Expert chefs prepare meals that rival some top culinary experts.  Breakfasts can be hearty or light, as you prefer.  Evening meals feature two mouth-watering main entrée choices along with appropriate side dishes and “to-die-for” desserts.  Special dietary meals are available upon request.

While staying with us you will rest comfortably in one of our spacious and relaxing private rooms.  The rooms overlook Six-Mile Lake, have private baths and are a short distance from the lodge.

Our staff wants to ensure your visit with an unsurpassed experience.




Your Hosts

Bill Sims, a resident of Alaska since 1952, has been flying and fishing in Alaska for more than 40 years with over 23,000 hours of flying in the 49th state.  He has owned and operated Newhalen Lodge since 1968, and knows the Bristol Bay – Iliamna region as well as anyone.  Bill is familiar with all of the streams, rivers and lakes and knows the best Alaska fishing areas.  More importantly, knows the best time to fish certain rivers and streams.  Bill and his staff are dedicated to providing clients the best experience available.

Bill’s son Fred has been guiding and flying this region since 1983.  He spent time at Newhalen Lodge honing his skills since he was in his teens and has countless hours as a pilot and guide.

Seen in the photo is Miles Sims, a third generation family pilot guide who joins Bill and Fred and our staff providing a memorable Alaska fishing trip for our clients.



Service and Equipment

Newhalen Lodge owns five aircraft, three on floats and two on wheels.  We monitor hundreds of miles of streams, flying you daily to the best producing waters.  These planes are available to take guests to exceptional fishing locations daily.  In some places the plane stays with you all day, thus providing flexibility of location.  Sometimes you  may fish two or more streams per day.

Our experienced pilots have thousands of hours of Alaska airtime and serve as knowledgeable guides.  We have enough planes and equipment to avoid double tripping.  Newhalen Lodge only hires highly experienced guides.  Most of our guides have been with the lodge for several years thus increasing their familiarity with the streams and rivers in the Bristol Bay area.

Our professional guides will accompany you at all times.  They will assist you with fly or lure selection, fishing techniques and often prepare a delicious shore lunch featuring fresh fish.

We also have more than three dozen jet boats and rafts on the top streams throughout the Bristol Bay – Iliamna watershed.  Some days you are flown into a fiver then transported by jet boat or day float through pristine wilderness enjoying excellent fishing as well as scenery.



Fly Fishing in Alaska

We will provide you with the fly fishing experience you deserve!

We built the Newhalen Lodge in the heart of the Alaska’s finest fly-fishing country because we are serious about fly-fishing. Our Rainbow fishing is catch and release only.  After being flown in, our floats vary from one of the area’s best trout producing streams to locales that allow fishermen the opportunity to catch 15-20 Rainbows in the mid to upper 20-inch range.

Without exception, Newhalen Lodge is the unquestioned leader in trophy Rainbow fishing in Alaska.  Our experienced guides know the local river systems like the back of their hands.  The guide’s knowledge of what tackle and rods to use is exceptional.

All months produce unlimited Rainbow fishing and challenges to the experienced angler allowing you flexibility in planning your trip.  There are other fly-fishing opportunities throughout the season including Grayling, Arctic Char, Lake Trout, and Salmon.

With our well-maintained fleet of aircraft we can transport all of our fishermen to where the fish are in one trip, a unique advantage to our lodge’s clients.

During your stay, you will be assisted by some of the finest licensed guides in Alaska.  They know fishing and take great pride and pleasure in providing you with the chance to experience the world’s best fly-fishing in magnificent surroundings.

The Best Salmon Fishing

Trophy sized salmon

Along with world class Rainbow trout fishing, you will also have the opportunity to fish the largest salmon runs in the world.  Whether you want to hook a trophy King or fight some Silvers or Reds (Sockeyes), we’ve got you covered.

Anglers from across the globe have called our salmon fishing the best they have experienced. With several of the finest rivers in Alaska, we will get you hooked into a fight with a salmon you won’t forget.

All five species of salmon are abundant in the waters fished by Newhalen Lodge guests.  King and Sockeye run from June through August with Pinks, Chums and Silvers running from mid-July through the end of our season.

You will be assisted by some of the finest, licensed guides and pilots in Alaska.  They know the fishing and take great pride and pleasure in teaching you the skills in order to master it.  They will help you enjoy the fishing and appreciate the magnificent surroundings.  When your trip concludes, you will have made some new friends.



Wildlife Viewing

See some of the wildlife

After a few days of fishing you may wish to take in the beautiful surrounding of the Bristol Bay area with some serene wildlife viewing. In this distinct region of Alaska you can find a plethora of Alaska wildlife.

Our expert pilots and guides will take you to some remote areas where you may get the chance to see some of the world famous Alaskan big game animals. In some locations you may end up seeing several miles of caribou or up to twenty bears all in one location.

Some of the animals you may see are: Moose, Sea Otter, Grizzly, Brown, and Black Bear, Seal and Walrus, Beaver, Wolverine, Freshwater Seals (1 of only 2 populations in the world,) Porcupine, River Otter, Beluga and Killer Whales (Orca,) Fox, Caribou, Wolves, Bald Eagles, Waterfowl & Migratory Birds.